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Weather in Hurghada

Egypt is open for recreation and travel all year round. In Upper Egypt, as well as on the Red Sea resorts, summer is hot and dry, in the Delta and the Mediterranean coast - wet. The air temperature at Red Sea resorts in Cairo from May to September, 35-40 degrees, the water temperature in the Red Sea during this period is usually 26-28 degrees Celsius. Due to the specifics of climatic features Hurghada summer heat is there much easier because of the constant sea breeze and the flow of tourists to go there does not weaken neither winter nor summer. The best time of rest on the Mediterranean resorts - from May to September.

Weather in Hurghada

Spring and autumn are very short. Within 50 days (Khamsin) between March and mid-May occasionally occur sandstorms.

Winter in Egypt mild, with warm sunny days and cool nights sometimes. From December to February at the Red Sea resorts, the air temperature is usually not lower than 23-25 degrees of heat, water - 20-22 degrees. The air temperature in Cairo in the winter ranges from 17 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Hurghada can be classified as year-round resorts, swimming season is not close ever. That is why the rest and do in Hurghada are organized year-round and tours in Hurghada enjoy stable demand throughout the year. This last minute to Hurghada usually in many appear on the market in the first half of December, in February, as well as in Vautour half of May and early June. The Red Sea is well heated during the summer, and even in the winter months the water temperature in Hurghada do not fall below +20-21 degrees. In winter, visitors should take with you on the evening of warm clothes, because after sunset and at night the temperature can drop to 15 degrees, the same day in Hurghada you can even sunbathe in February.

In the summer, is typical of these places in the heat +33-37 degrees moved fairly easily, since dryness of the Egyptian air and almost constant breeze.

All year round sunshine, the climate is dry, the sea is clean and rich marine flora and fauna - a great opportunity for windsurfing, kitesurfing and diving. In the coldest month - February - the temperature of sea water off the coast of Hurghada does not drop below 18-20 degrees Celsius and the air is heated to 23-25 degrees and above. In the hottest month - August - water temperature, usually not below 28, and air - usually not below 35 degrees Celsius.


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