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Hurghada prices

If this is your first time going to Egypt, then remember that everywhere have to bargain and if you say the price in Hurghada 80 pounds, and you pay 75, it is not trade. But if the price of 80, you say, for example, 10 then you and the dealer will immediately appear interested bargain. The seller will begin to tell you that you are killing his business, that all Russian want a freebie that you mafia, well and all that kind, but know that you are almost close to the real price of the goods and that you should spend 20, maybe minutes or more but do not give up their positions. Yes, I must admit that the Egyptians were mainly its poor people and they're trying to make us tourists, but if you want to earn 20 percent profit, and have 100-150 or even 200 percent, well is not it a shame? " So boldly share price on 9 and 10 and can make it easier to take and start bargaining. Be sure you buy from a souvenir not for 80 pounds, and has a 15-20.

Hurghada prices

When bargaining learn from the seller, he will fight for every pound purchase of up to 50 pounds for every 5 pounds if the price he has appointed 50 -100 pounds and above. So if you say 10, then the following is your price should be no more than 12 pounds and so on until you fully do not agree and do not hear in your address words of eternal friendship, love, sometimes, if you're a girl, but more and more confessions of eternal love. These are the Egyptians, and they know how to speak good words and know how to do it with soul and tenderness. If you have change, nevertheless, ensure that you have given. Usually they do not cheat, but there are traders, even though I did not come across such, but the stories I heard from the lips of those others who, if not satisfied that gave you a souvenir for a low price, instead of 50 pounds can sneak you a 50 piastres. So learn the money, not to be offended that you did not win an extra $ 10, but instead paid too much. We need to trade around ... and a pharmacy and a taxi driver, and the store where the alleged specified fixed prices in Egypt. Be very careful with jewelry, buy them when you clearly know how to distinguish natural stone features and can check whether it is a natural gold, silver, or only a semblance. How can we reduce the prices in Egypt? For example, a taxi driver can bring down the price of two times the market - three in the grocery store with price tags in the cafe - on the third, but the pharmacy, and many more. By the way, about the pharmacy, look for locally produced drugs, they are much better than any foreign equivalent and the price is less than once every three - four. Local medicines in Egyptian rather cheap and rarely rolled over 1-2 dollars per pack, but of course you at this price they will not sell, but it is better to buy local antibiotic for 3-4 dollar than the same but the French 20, and sometimes and $ 30, you never know how there will be, you can get sick anytime, anywhere, and for insurance to not have much hope, often have to pay from his pocket. If you caught a cold with a strong cough, it helps you spot linctus herbal, it does wonders for a second day already, you will feel relief, but it is better to drink 5-7 days, since reliable. But if you have a fever and you feel sick Specifically, make sure you buy the antibiotic days 5 it will have to spend on drink, not to earn a complication in the form of pneumonia. Also very good local anti-allergy pills, they remove not only the symptoms of colds, but also from burns and redness ustaranayayut itch, if you are bitten, such as mosquito.


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