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Egypt currency

Now let's talk a little about the currency in Egypt. The currency of the State Arab Republic of Egypt - Egyptian pound (English pound) One Egyptian pound = 100 piastres. International designation: EGP. At the Egyptian price tags more common abbreviation for otherwise the Egyptian pound exchange - LE (From the French. - Livre? Gyptienne). In circulation are banknotes of 25 and 50 piastres, 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 pounds of coins in 25, 50 piastres and 1 pound.

One pound

One pound

On the bills represented the ancient temples of Egypt or the mosque, the legends in Arabic and English languages. To change money (dollars, euros) for the currency of Egypt better than a bank or airport. Exchange points hotels operate irregularly, and they commissions. Although it is always possible to buy a pound at the hotel, but it is unprofitable. Credit cards and travelers checks are widely used in major tourist centers, ATMs are few and fairly distributed to all outlets. The use of electronic means of payment in the province is extremely difficult. In the major tourist centers and many hotels can be exchanged Eurocheques to a maximum amount to 700 LE. Due in stores and hotels accept cash Egyptian Pound, U.S. dollar and euro. It is worth noting that at any point of Egypt, it is possible to pay in dollars or euros. This is acceptable in hotels, shops, railway stations and bus stations, museums and many other institutions, not to mention local residents. However, this requires a more recent information about the current exchange rate and the ability to bargain. For tourists, it is especially important to know how looks the national currency of Egypt, as "newcomers" can sneak piastres (similar to Russian kopecks). To protect against such cheating useful information about the Arabic script numbers, as well as the order of the Egyptian prices.

25 piastres

   50 piastres

5 pounds

10 pounds

20 pounds


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