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Prices for tours

If you have decided on arrival in Hurghada, go on excursions, here you have to be extremely careful. First, decide where you would like to go, what to see and, secondly, with what company you want to go, the one that you took, where of course prices are higher, however, when ordering two or more trips, you should demand a discount. Or you go cheaper, but from the company, which is located somewhere near the hotel or you have been offered a trip while walking through the city and where you can expect different surprises. The main thing that should be alerted - this is a very low price, and with them the question on what you are lucky, what will be a bus, the language will say the guide, who will you serve. For trips over long distances, for example, in Luxor, Cairo - is important not only price for a tour, but as you go lucky, yet the path is not close, and this heat is very strong.

Prices for tours

For example, some of my friends were taken to Cairo in a city bus without air conditioning, along with local residents who bring in these buses anything and even goats and even the heat was over 40 degrees and above 50 in Cairo. Later in Cairo at the bus station, they hoisted a group of Poles have a good bus, where they could come to recover from the heat, but then guide spoke only Polish, and then had to listen to every word to at least understand something or to ask sitting next to the Poles, who knew a little English to tell at least how many minutes will be meeting at the bus or even some information to get back to the bus station without incident. That's it for this trip you will need to pay not $ 80, and 50, as a result you save on your health and for two days - three going to recover the stressful relocation. On tour in Cairo to say that the whole tour the Pyramids in Giza will last no more than a half - two hours, what you be there waiting for the rest of the time? And waiting for you sitting in traffic jams on city streets but travel to various stores where you will offer to buy perfumes, gifts, oils, papyri. Also you must be driven to a jewelry store. How to protect yourself, to go look at something and from tours you have only positive emotions? Essentially nothing. Guarantee no no I do not know yet that the people who would be able to put up a claim that sends us, because the contract you signed is made so that you assume full responsibility, when going on this trip, and tell you all the good things But the details you will know only when the tour starts and you can only reject it, while losing money. Everything is thought and thought about it any one year, tourism in Egypt has existed for many years. In practice, therefore, better book excursions from your host company, be much more expensive, but at least you can complain to them or write your negative comments that the big firms do not want it and with strong competition in Egypt, trying to not get in bad situations with tourists Yes, and prices for tours are trying to keep a certain level, to still went against them, but not from the company - a competitor. And the firm will be normal operating license for the service of tourists, and not a fake piece of paper, and which could not be verified. Well, do not forget about discounts to which I have already mentioned the price on a field trip in Hurghada, which should demand from your guide.


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