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Diving in Hurghada

The beauties of the Red Sea underwater life are waiting for you!

One of the tourists` favourite kinds of entertainment in Egypt is diving. For those who have a rest in hurghada diving is the best occupation. Speaking about diving red sea gives all the opportunities to see its underwater life in its variety. It is well quoted both among professionals and amateurs from all over the world. One of the most famous resorts of Egypt – Hurghada, is of special fame.

Hurghada diving

If you have never experienced diving, but want to, just go to Hurghada and master this breathtaking kind of sport with the help of experienced instructors. You don’t need to take equipment with you: any hurghada diving center (there are several of them in the town) provides modern equipment, suits for the underwater swimming and also a tutor, which will accompany you during immersion under water.

Red sea diving is very popular today, as it has the richest and the most beautiful flora and fauna among all the world seas. Besides along the sea coast you can see wonderful plants, the names of which probably only specialists know.

Famous corals of red sea are one of the underwater sights. You can enjoy watching the endless coral reefs with their unusual forms and rich variety of the tints.

Red sea diving

In the deep sea you can see fish and animals never seen before. For instance, one of its inhabitants is Napoleon fish, which took its name for its ledge on a head looking like the hat of the well-known French emperor. Being in hurghada dive and see enormous murenas, which are safe for a man, or whitetip reef sharks, which shouldn’t be afraid of, as they never attack people.

In Hurghada sharks are not rare. During dozens of years they lived in theses waters and did not do any harm. The events happened in 2010 in December, when sharks attacked people in Charm Ale Sheik, are rather exception, than rule.  Though the corrals, which are numerous on the coast of this resort, attract the fish, the sharks were always friendly and didn’t do harm. They just eat fish and try not to come to shallow waters. However, diving instructors, which are responsible for the tourists, always warn if the shark is coming near and ask not to irritate it by intent attention and photographing.

Hurghada dive sites give all the information about this kind of entertainment. It should be mentioned that prices diving hurghada are lower than at any other resort of the country. So, buy a tour and enjoy all the beauties of the Red Sea.


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