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Climate in hurghada: summer all the year round

Climate in hurghada: summer all the year round

Have you ever thought why the tourists like to go to Egypt, to Hurghada in particular all the year round? Of course, one of the reasons is that in egypt, hurghada weather always indulges the tourists. Temperature in hurghada never falls lower than +14–15°C and usually it rises up to +20–25 °С. Isn`t it wonderful? When the weather in Russia and greater part of other countries becomes frosty, you can enjoy hot and sunny hurghada weather.

When tourists come to hurghada weather (november) in the resort is hot, so all its hotels, beaches, aquaparks and restaurants are thicken completely. Getting prepared for the rest even in winter in hurghada don’t take warm clothes with you. Weather in hurghada at the end of autumn requires only a pair of T-shirts, several fine dresses and swimming suit, of course. Don’t forget about antisun cream: at this period the sun shines so brightly, that sunblisters becomes the real threat.

For those going to have a rest in hurghada weather (december) will not be a barrier, as it doesn’t differ from the weather in autumn, unless it is a bit cooler in the evening. Searching for Egypt (hurghada) weather in the Internet you will see that at the early winter period the temperature in the resort is about + 25–26°C. In Hurghada weather (December) can be compared with the average decent summer in the middle stripe of Russia.

For those planning to spend merry New Year hurghada is the ideal place. It will be interesting to know that the weather in hurghada in December and other winter months is always fine. If you search for hurghada weather january, you will see that the daily temperature during this period is about +22 °С and night temperature is up to +11–13 °С. It is cooler on the sea coast, of course. Speaking about water temperature red sea is usually warm and its temperature is about 20°С. So, for tourists in hurghada weather (january) won`t be a hinder, if they want to celebrate New Year`s holidays lying on a beach and bathing in the sun rays.

If you want to make sure that winter in Hurghada is not colder than late spring and summer in Russia or some other countries, but even hotter, learn weather forecast for the following several months and then take summer clothes, buy a tour and go there for a rest. Hurghada always meets tourists with eternal summer all the year round!


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