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Airport in Hurghada – a good place to spend time well!

Airport in Hurghada

Flights to hurghada are always pleasant. If you are going to have a rest in Hurghada airport of this wonderful and comfortable town will be as interesting for you as other its sights. You can do it with the help of hurghada airport map. So, familiarize with it in all the details.  Speaking about its airport hurghada has all the rights to be proud of it. It is located 5km far from the town center, and due to well-organized transport communication it will take you several minutes to get to any of the hotels on the Red Sea coast. Besides, in the airport you can order additional excursions to Cairo, the capital of Egypt, and to other small resorts of the country.

In the airport everything is done for your convenience. Read airport hurghada reviews and you will see that almost all the tourists, who have ever been there, think good about it.

There are a lot of cafes, restaurants, barbershops, a little club, a rest room, a children room, shop and famous Duty Free, where you can buy different commodities cheaply without VAT – all these is located at the airport terminal. There you can also find reference service and currency exchange. If you need a car, you can use the service of car rent. You need only to show your documents and give a small mortgage. Those tourists, whose trip is delayed a little, do not worry, as the airport has its own hotel, where they can stay for as long as they need. There is no need to wait for the trip in the airport – you can leave your luggage in a baggage room and return to the town to enjoy bathing in the Red Sea one more time.

The airport chart of hurghada is clear, so you haven’t any chance to get lost. It is placed so that it is well seen. Moreover you can buy it at any of the booths. All airport services are well arranged.

For more detailed information about the schedule of airlines you can address to reference service or it is possible by the telephone, the number you can find on the official site of the airport. The information can also be found on its online indicator board, which reflects all the changes in the airport work, immediately.


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